Topics and scope

Conference Topics for Article Submission:

Mechanical Engineering
Simulation of production processes
Advances in Structural Engineering
Finite Element Analysis, CFD
Concrete technology
Virtual prototyping
Highways and asphalt
Intelligent materials and nanomaterials
Hydraulic and fluid machines
Micro production
Remote Sensing and GIS applications
Biomedical materials and composite materials
Urban and national planning

CAD / CAM / CAE / Mechatronics
Geotechnics and geoinformatics
Automation and robotics
Modeling and environmental technologies
Artificial Neural Networks
Optimization structure
Fuzzy logic system
Earth Sciences and Earthquake Engineering
Compact heat exchangers
Nanotechnology in Civil Engineering
Solar Photos - Voltage Cells
Innovative solutions to prevent corrosion
IC motors and renewable energy
Intelligent transportation system
Cogeneration system
Rainwater harvesting
Lean manufacturing and reverse engineering
Green building design

Industrial engineering
Data and analysis
Analysis and decision making methods
E-commerce and e-commerce
Engineering Economics and Cost Analysis
Engineering education
Systems and health management
Human Factors
Information processing and engineering
smart systems
Production systems
Operations Research
Production planning and control
Project Management
Quality control and management
Reliability and maintenance engineering
Safety, security and risk management
Innovation and service management
Supply Chain Management
Modeling and simulation of systems
Technology and knowledge management


Construction and Materials Engineering

Extractive Metallurgy

Mining Engineering

Material properties

Production, industrial topics, techniques and measurement standards

Science and surface engineering

Computer Science and Engineering (Modeling and Simulation)

Design and production of advanced materials

Management and guidance in materials engineering

Training and technology transfer in engineering and materials science

Physical metallurgy (crystal structure of metals, elastic behavior of metals, crystal defects, metallography, fuzzy diagrams, metal penetration, fuzzy transformations, electronic structure of metals, heat treatment, etc.)

Extractive metallurgy (following metallurgy, hydrometallurgy, electrometallurgy, synthesis, recycling, etc.)

Mechanical metallurgy (mechanical properties of materials, metal forming, etc.)

Powder metallurgy

Surface engineering and corrosion (coating, corrosion, abrasion, etc.)

Casting and freezing

Welding and connection

Simulation and modeling