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  Ability to judge articles early
  Get an online certificate before the conference
  Receive an international certificate with a stamp, hologram and suspicious code and approved by universities
  Indexing articles in valid scientific databases with the ability to follow up, inquire and insert in the scientific resume

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Have a PhD or scientific research background related to the conference topics

Click to register in the referee system and send your scientific resume

After confirmation:



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Dear researchers who intend to submit an article to the Secretariat of the 11 th International Conference on Mechanics, Construction, Industrial and Civil Engineering, should prepare their article according to the format of writing the articles and then send it.

Please be careful when writing the names of the authors, the organizational position

Download article writing format

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Opportunity to receive and publish articles in ISI and SCOPUS journals

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The International Conference on Mechanics, Construction, Industries and Civil Engineering with the aim of getting acquainted with the exchange of professors and researchers. 

It is possible to send articles until 10 May 2022

Article submission and submission link

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